The Joy of owning a Holiday Home

Many people are realizing their dreams of owning a holiday home, there is nothing like arriving at your holiday home knowing that you know what you are getting, unlike the uncertainty we have when we rent a holiday home.

Of course just because you own a holiday home, you will still go on holiday to other areas or countries. However you will always long to revisit your holiday home as often as you can.

The main reason most people buy their holiday home in the destination, they have chosen, be it in the England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Greece, or Cyprus etc… is because they are particularly passionate about the country and area they have purchased their holiday home, and therefore will continue to want to holiday there.

It is also fair to say that many people purchasing a holiday home, very often have the intention to eventually retire or relocate to their holiday home. “Insurance for holiday homes” very often get calls from clients asking if we can set up a holiday home insurance policy for what was their main residence as they have switched their holiday home to their main residence. This is particularly the case for people who buy their holiday home overseas.

Owning a holiday home allows you to not just be a holiday maker but gives you the opportunity to integrate with the locals and community. A great chance to make new friends and get involved and understand local customs, and of course the locals will eventually share their secrets of the best restaurants, cafes and places to shop in the area!

Having dealt with thousands of people who have just purchased a holiday home, I never tire of the excitement and enthusiasm they have for the country and area they have purchased in, and when I speak to these individuals several years down the road I find they still have excitement and enthusiasm, but they develop a great passion for their holiday home location and respect for the locals who live there.

Anybody considering purchasing a holiday home should put careful thought to what they want from their holiday home, but once you have made your decision ensure you get the most out of the holiday home, try to integrate yourselves as much as possible with the locals and culture (Look at our guides).

On a final note, I suppose I must say, ensure you have adequate Insurance to protect your holiday home against certain perils that may occur, and “Insurance for Holiday Homes” will always appreciate the opportunity to assist in this area.