Obscure and wet claim!!!!

We had to share this obscure claim we received on Monday, One of our holiday home insurance policy holders due to the rather warm weather we have been having decided to set up there sprinkler on their lawn which was on a timer. The sprinkler was just in front of their holiday bungalow which had a sky light/window on the roof which they had left open to allow some air in to keep the property to keep a little cooler whilst they went out for the day and evening.  They were somewhat surprised to find on their return the sprinkler had such pressure that the spray from the sprinkler as it rotated had sprayed straight into their bedroom through the sky light/window and had been doing so for about 6 hours.


Fortunately they did have accidental damage so they should be adequately covered. They certainly had a cooler and damp night’s sleep, but not quite what they were hoping for!

So there you go you just never know what can happen.