Why use a UK insurer if your holiday home is overseas

Many UK residents are buying Holiday homes overseas particularly in Europe over recent years. The dilemma you have is do you insure your overseas holiday home in United Kingdom or in the country you have purchased you Holiday home.

Very often when you are going through the buying process you will be offered insurance via the agent you are purchasing the holiday home through and in some instances the insurance you are being offered might be suitable but this very often is not the case.  It can be very difficult to know if the cover being offered is suitable as in most instances an insurance policy being offered abroad will not be written in English.

This of course is fine if you are fully fluent in the language the insurance policy is written in and you also fully understand the insurance terminology used in the country the policy is being provided from. This is why most people are more comfortable placing their holiday home insurance in the UK as they are familiar with the wording details and jargon used and if they need to speak to someone they can do with the knowledge that they are fully understand avoiding issues that may arise due to language issues.

In truth no one really wants to make a claim against their holiday home but should disaster strike we want the process of making a claim to be as straight forward as possible and not have the added complication of dealing with a claims handler who may not understand you.

Always remember that what you would expect to be covered on an Insurance policy provided in the UK may not be covered by an overseas insurer.