Call centres & Outsourcing and who does it help?

In the spirit of one of our previous blogs with the perils of taking insurance when booking a holiday rental motor vehicle, I rant (or should that be Blog) over some companies’ use of outsourcing and call centres.

After recently moving house I tried to do a simple change of address with a major telephone and communications company that shall remain nameless as I don’t have enough money left after the move to be sued!

After changing my address with a very nice gentleman over the phone I was unfortunately told that my package could not be transferred on my move date of 30th May as another provider of communication/telecommunications currently own the telephone line rental (or something like that).  It could not be set up again until June 13th when my existing number will be transferred and my internet (and more importantly my sports) would also be available

So, reluctantly, I accepted in good grace the loss of 2 weeks worth of my over £50 a month package with them and put it down to one of those things.

I waited until the 13th June (thanking my lucky stars I moved outside the football season) and you guessed it, my package did not come alive on 13th June.  I rang the existing provider who after transferring me to 3 separate departments, losing me in connection on one occasion, and after I spoke to 2 different people that with the best will in the world I couldn’t understand, I currently still do not have a telephone, Internet or Television package  – yet I have paid for this.

My immediate thought wasn’t to blog I promise you, but as I was thinking of my blog topic, I was grateful that despite the miracle of our existing Internet based world, we at Insurance For Holiday Homes will still speak to people.  I promise you there is no listening to options to type in number 1 for this and number 2 for that and whilst I do apologise for my Somerset Burr I am not outsourced I assure you!

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