Should a Loss Adjuster be appointed?

A loss adjuster is, an insurance professional that maybe appointed by an insurance company to investigate and facilitate the smooth operation of dealing with a claim. This could be by investigating the loss as the “eyes of the insurance company” as much as helping to arrange the repairs with tradesman and to minimise losses. The fees for the loss adjuster will be paid by the insurer, whether a claim is valid or not, and based upon economies of scale will depend on whether an insurance company will appoint a loss adjuster for a claim.

If a property on risk has an item of furniture that has sustained accidental damage and will cost a negligible amount to repair or replace, an insurer will not appoint a loss adjuster as its not financially viable for them to do so. However if a property has sustained serious water damage, storm damage, or fire then a loss adjuster is more likely to be appointed as the cost of the loss adjuster will be more than outweighed by the savings they may make from the loss adjuster helping to minimise losses and helping to protect the underwriter from potential liabilities whilst the property is not in a good state of repair.

Quite simply a loss adjuster is there to help all concerned the insurer, the client even the tradesman, with the common goal to resolve the claim as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The perception of loss adjusters is not always a great one, however the majority of feed back that we get from our customers is more positive-like all things if you are respectful of the difficult job a loss adjuster has to carry out, and after all they are helping to assist in dealing with the claim, in our experience things run smoothly.

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