Holiday Home Monthly Check!

Whilst it is common for some insurers to insist that your holiday is not left unoccupied for more then a certain period, Insurance for holiday homes, do not stipulate any such requirements. What our underwriters do ask is that you organize a regular internal and external check of the property at least once every 30 days.

Some insurers claim they do not require you to carry out either of these requirements, but in their policy wording they will very often insist a claim is reported within 30 days of the incident occurring! Not always clear for the policyholder!

Our justification for an inspection at least every 30 days benefits you in many ways.  Firstly damage to your property can hopefully be limited to a minimum, and it also gives you peace of mind that your holiday home – which may be many hundreds or thousands of miles away – is being checked. Very often the individual who is checking your home will notify you of any issues at your holiday home.  Even if that issue may not necessarily be an insurance claim, we feel it is better to be advised of this sooner rather then later to avoid things deteriorating and your property not being in a good state of repair.

Also it helps us to negotiate the best terms and cover we can with our underwriters, as we can demonstrate to the underwriters we will only cover owners of holiday homes who are responsible and take a pride in their holiday home.

It always surprises us when we are quoting somebody for their holiday home insurance, and when asking if they can arrange an inspection at least once every 30 days, they are not prepared to do so.  Each person will assess risk differently of course, but there is no substitute for good housekeeping considering they may have spent many thousands of pounds for their dream holiday home!

Even if you do not know anybody locally in the area to check your holiday home, there are plenty of companies who for a nominal fee will carry such an inspection.

Like insurance in general, a monthly inspection offers peace of mind.