The then and now of getting insured

Whilst insurance is now a vital part of our modern way of life, insurance has been around for almost as long as recorded history can measure. As far back as 2100BC in the Babylonian times, where traders took out loans to fund their shipments, they would also pay an extra premium so that they could cancel the loan if an unforeseen event prevented their shipment from making it to the destination.

Although society and technology has evolved exponentially since those times, the idea has stayed the same.

As an industry, insurance is still growing and adapting to new circumstances, however the most recent developments have not been in the cover itself, but how we put it in place.

Traditionally, an insurer would offer a quotation in response to a client completing a proposal form in writing and delivering it in the post. More often than not someone looking for insurance would walk into their local broker who would gather these quotations on their behalf.

As technology brought about the telephone and fax machine, this process was made a lot more convenient, bridging the gaps between the customers, brokers and insurers.

Later still, the computer brought about a much easier way for insurers to underwrite and produce a quotation. Clients could now speak to brokers over the phone, answering numerical or yes/no questions that determine the quotation.

The way we obtain quotes has recently evolved yet again. The advent of the Internet becoming an integral part of our lives has changed all aspects of communication, trading and indeed our lifestyles. Insurance is not the exception. Not only can customers get quotations for insurance with nothing more than just 5 minutes of clicking and tapping behind a desk (or for those embracing the innovative gadgets of our time, anywhere in the world), but they can get tens or even hundreds of quotes onscreen instantly via price comparison websites.

Technology has brought us forward huge steps in the direction of making quote gathering both quick and painless for the customer. The question has to be asked however, is this necessarily a good thing?

Obtaining quotes and buying policies online makes things a lot quicker, however the personal touch is lost. No longer do you have to speak to your broker or have a chance to chat about the product your buying, it’s all to easy to just put it in place and forget about it until the renewal date, or in the case that something bad happens (which sometimes is too late).

Fortunately at Insurance for Holiday Homes, we embrace the Internet and it’s ability to bring people all over the country to us. However we will make every effort to give you a personal service from the start. It’s all too easy to hide behind e-mails when sending a quotation, but we would rather give you the chance to ask any questions or make any changes there and then so you know that we are offering you the cover you want, no more and no less.

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