Why Blog about Holiday home issues?

As you may have noticed we are regularly updating you with blogs on our site and if we are honest we are recent converts to the “art” of blogging.  This made us think about what we, and dare I say other companies, are trying to achieve by them.  Many sites now have blogs, some update them and some don’t.  Some copy them or link in via other websites. But why?

We write our own blogs, I have personally written a few, but not all of our blogs.  But the question is, what are we trying to achieve?

We at Insurance For Holiday Homes are of course within a select group of Holiday Home Insurers. We do not have masses of material we can use from other policies such as car, business, or travel insurance.  But what we do talk about we know very well. It is what we do after all.

We would like to think we could inform our clients of the issues that holiday homeowners as well as insurers are involved in. There are many things that will happen during the year that we will try to comment on.  We do it from the perspective of being a holiday home insurance company but we ultimately share the same interests as our customers.  We don’t want for example bad weather or freezing temperatures as much as typhoons or earthquakes.  Holiday Home Insurance affects all of the people who are visiting this site as much as those who may take out cover with ourselves.

We want to make our articles (sorry folks, blogs) relevant, up to date and interesting, whilst also showing that we can relate to the problems our customer’s also have to face, even if it comes in the form of Victor Meldrew style rants! We are not always going to agree with the changes in current affairs, government policies regarding things that will affect insurance or holiday homes in general for example, such as the increase in IPT (Insurance Premium Tax) last year, but we will endeavour to comment on these things. On the flipside I’m sure there may be times when you may not agree with our blogs. We are always open to comments and opinions from others, if you do want to share them with us then please visit the comments section below.

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