Why use a specialist holiday home insurance policy?

Although the property market has been hit hard with the world economy crises over the last few years, many estate agents have continued to market and sell properties with some considerable success. This primarily is due to the location of the properties they are selling, as there have been reports of the second home / holiday home sector of the property market increasing!

Many people believe that this is due to the lack of interest rates that can be earned on savings, individuals are finding alternative ways of making their savings earn for them, and a holiday home is a option many people are choosing as not only can they let the property, to earn an income, they can also use the holiday home themselves, and the hope is they will earn equity on the home should property prices increase.

However many people buying a holiday home are offered insurance cover by a general insurance broker, there are many factors they need to consider, will the insurer offer liability whilst the home is let for holiday use, will full cover be in place whilst the property is unoccupied, are they going to be covered for alternative accommodation/Loss of rent, will they be covered for damaged caused by your holiday tenants. Using a  general insurance broker may not always be the best way to arrange your insurance; it is sometimes far better to go to a specialist.

Insurance for holiday homes, have designed a policy to precisely match the needs of Holiday home owners. It has become a  well respected business by offering comprehensive cover at competitive rates along with a first class service.

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