When buying holiday home insurance you should consider the following

Make sure you talk to a specialist insurer / broker who deal with holiday homes in the UK and abroad. Many people might think a holiday home can be insured as a standard home but talking to a specialist who has the experience of dealing with holiday homes will help you to make the right decision on your holiday home insurance.

If you are planning on letting your property out, you should consider getting legal advice as different countries will have different laws on paying customers using your house for their holiday. You will also need to inform your insurer that you let your property out to make sure you are correctly insured.

Making sure you insure your buildings and contents correctly is key, so when arranging your cover as well as the contents and the buildings please make sure you notify them of any outbuildings, swimming pools etc. so if the worst happens you will be covered.

To give you greater piece of mind it is always recommended that you have minimum security for your holiday home which may be a lot greater than a standard home due to the property potentially being vacant for a period of time. This might include window locks, deadlocks on your doors and an alarm.

Insuring your home is only part of it, you need to make sure that if your paying guests get injured whilst in your holiday home or its grounds then you are covered in case they claim for their injuries against you. So make sure you have public liability cover that covers your guests and if you have any domestic staff it also covers them.

The main tip is speak to a holiday home specialist and make sure you are covered correctly.

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