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Holiday Homes are rarely fully occupied and sometimes rented out. Many insurance companies cannot cover them, or apply extra terms and conditions.

If you own a second home, it pays to get professional advice to ensure you get the right cover.

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Why it's important to insure your second home

Holiday home insurance should cover all the risks of a main home insurance policy, but it will also include cover for longer periods of unoccupancy or when the home is let to family, friends or other tenants. This includes damage or theft by guests and replacement locks if the keys are lost, public liability cover if guests are injured while staying at the holiday home and employer’s liability for cleaners, gardeners,maintenance staff etc. Emergency travel to the property is covered and loss of rent if the property is uninhabitable.
Inadequate holiday home cover could leave you with a costly bill.

What to consider when insuring your holiday or overseas property:

  • each country has its own laws and regulations as well as different insurance policies
  • there is the language problems in understanding a complex insurance document written in a foreign language
  • are you confident that you would be able to navigate your way through the process of making a claim

We advise and assist you on making sure you buy a policy suitable to your needs. With over 10 years of experience in the holiday home insurance market and you can deal directly with our team in Bristol – it’s a relationship with someone you can trust.


The importance of insuring your trailer tent

There are many reasons why people make an investment in a trailer tent or a folding camper. These units do, after all, bridge the wide gap between a canvas tent and a touring caravan.

One of the biggest concerns for trailer tent and folding camper owners is the risk of theft. There are stories told of trailers being stolen from the towing vehicle at service stations, or on campsites whilst they aren’t in use and this is probably the main reason people take out a trailer tent or folding camper insurance policy.

Your trailer tent or folding camper can also be insured whilst on the road. Most car insurances will cover you for your public liability whilst towing, but wont cover damage to the towed unit itself, whether it’s yourself or a third parties fault. Insuring your unit can offer you peace of mind whilst towing.

If the trailer tent was at any point rendered unusable / uninhabitable by one of these causes, you may be entitled to reimbursement for alternative accommodation or hire of a similar trailer tent for your pre booked holiday, or if the unit is unusable for 24 hours or more whilst already in use.

As you can see, although you may not experience any trouble, there are a lot of unforeseeable risks that go hand in hand with using your trailer tent or folding camper.

Is caravan insurance compulsory?

Even though caravan insurance is not a legal requirement it is strongly recommended if you care about your unit and have spent a lot of money on it as well as its contents.

Most car insurance policies include third-party cover for trailers but your caravan is not covered. Furthermore, if your caravan should suffer any damage in a fire, accident or be stolen, you won’t be entitled to claim under a car insurance policy. It is therefore worth investing in separate caravan insurance cover, so that you are properly protected just in case.

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