To speak with your insurer directly, please check your policy documents to find which insurer you are with and use the 24 hour contact details provided below to report the incident to them.

Holiday Home Insurance

Lloyd’s Syndicate 4444 (UK): 0344 856 2043
Lloyd’s Insurance Company S.A (EU): 0344 856 2043
Castle: 0333 577 6548
Cherish: 0800 197 2770
Prestige: 08000 327 327
Insure My Villa / Vasek: 0115 950 5052

Trailer Tent Insurance

Lloyd’s Syndicate 4444: 0344 856 2043

Caravan Insurance

KGM: 0330 123 0821

Please ensure you obtain authorisation from your insurer before replacing lost or damaged items or undertaking repair work, although you should take all reasonable steps to prevent further damage and to safeguard the property. Where possible to do so, take photos of the damage as this will help in assessing and handling your claim.

If you would like Insurance for Holiday Homes to provide additional advice or support with your claim, please call us on 0117 403 3000 or email