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Cover for static caravans


Started over 10 years ago by caravanners and underwritten at Lloyd’s of London, our policy is comprehensive and we believe competitively priced. Our policy offers you cover for your caravan and the contents for damage, whether it is accidental, or caused by vandalism, fire, theft, flooding or storms.
A static caravan offers you a happy medium between owning a second home and the experience of caravanning. Like car insurance, it is important that you get the correct level of cover when insuring your static caravan.

Although price is important, always read through the policy and the small print and ask yourself the following questions when looking at insurance quotations:

  • Does this policy cover everything I need it to?
  • In the event of a claim what excess will be deducted?
  • Is this insurance company helpful and easy to speak to – will they be helpful if I have to make a claim?



Flexible cover for touring caravans

We offer you an insurance policy that can be tailored to the level of cover that you require, with a full range of options to make sure you pay for what you need and no less:

  • Security discounts: you will be rewarded with extra security discounts for alarms, datatags, thiefbeaters, phantoms, trackers and Al-ko Wheel-locks
  • Seasonal pitching: if you keep your caravan on a site all year round, expect to see a lower premium
  • Awnings, camping equipment & contents: However you have your caravan, Insurance for Caravans can offer cover for the extras
  • Adjustable excess: If you don’t claim for the little things, a higher excess will reduce the cost of insurance
  • New for old cover: If your caravan is less than 7 years old, we can offer new for old cover or a market value policy if you would favour a lower premium