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Folding Camper Owners Guide

What is a Folding Camper?

Folding Campers can be unique and elaborate units, they are a mixture between a caravan and a tent, however with the emphasis on the caravan. A top end Folding camper will have many if not all of the luxuries a modern caravan can provide, however with many practical advantages over a Caravan.

Folding campers very often become a choice over caravans for several reasons, such as easier to store, much easier to tow, the ability to tow with a far smaller vehicle then required for a caravan, considerably cheaper for insurance, and far more economical on fuel to tow!

However another reason for choosing a folding camper over a caravan is quite simply the sense of freedom sleeping under canvas can provide without sacrificing too many luxuries!

The unique design of a Folding camper allows a very large living area to be folded in what can only be described as a Houdini act, as when you see a Folding fully erected it is hard to believe it could folding into such a small area!

Buying a Folding Camper

Folding campers can sometimes appear expensive when you compare to a low end priced caravan, however when take time to appreciate the engineering and design that goes into these units you will fully appreciate why they can cost as much as a small caravan.

When you are looking to purchase your folding camper you must consider many factors such as, how many berths you require, have you space to store it at your home address or will you need to pay for a storage facility, the cost of insurance for a folding camper, and is your vehicle large enough to tow the size unit you would like.

We would always recommend when purchasing a used folding camper you use an approved dealer. All too often we have heard of individuals who have purchased via the internet on an auction site and ended up with a very poor condition unit.

Storage and Maintenance of your Folding Camper

One benefit of a Folding Camper over a caravan, is the size. As Folding Campers are much smaller than a caravan, and therefore easier to store at home without too much effort, whether it’s in the garage, on the driveway or even in the garden.

There are plenty of options when it comes to storing your unit, whether you keep it at a private home or stored on a site, but whereveryou keep your trailer tent stored, make sure it is secure. There are plenty of security products out there, including hitch locks, wheel clamps and wheel locks that prevent the Folding Camper from being stolen.

There are also storage compounds you can use which will offer extra security for your unit, especially if you use a CASSOA (Caravan Storage Site Owners Association) registered site.

When keeping your Folding Camper stored for longer periods of time, especially throughout the winter, you not only want it to be secure from theft, but also from adverse weather and vermin. Folding Campers left outside or in outbuildings can be subject to water ingress or damp if water ends up getting through the canvas. Be aware that it’s quite common for insurance companies not to cover against gradual damage, such as water ingress, or damage caused by vermin or infestation, so steps should be taken to protect your unit. Make sure your Folding Camper is closed up properly and that there’s no water already inside the unit before you leave it for long periods of time. This is especially important if your Folding Camper has a kitchen unit included, as it is possible for any left over water in the system to freeze and cause damage.