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Static Caravan Insurance

A static caravan offers you a happy medium between owning a second home and the experience of caravanning. With many beachside resorts and holiday parks tucked away in the countryside, there is no need to explain why investing in a static caravan has its appeal. It is however, a large investment. Starting from the £650 mark for old second hand caravans to £50,000+ for a brand new top of the range model on a prestigious site, a static caravan can be compared to a car when it comes to value. Like car insurance, it is important that you get the correct level of cover when insuring your static caravan.

Choose the right policy

Although price is important, always read through the policy and the small print and ask yourself the following questions when looking at insurance quotations:
•    Does this policy cover everything I need it to?
•    In the event of a claim what excess will be deducted?
•    Is this insurance company helpful and easy to speak to – will they be helpful if I have to make a claim?

Comprehensive cover

This is where Insurance for Caravans comes in. Started over 10 years ago by caravanners and underwritten at Lloyd’s of London, our policy is comprehensive and we believe competitively priced. Our policy offers you cover for your caravan and the contents for damage, whether it is accidental, or caused by vandalism, fire, theft, flooding or storms.

It doesn’t end there though; our policy covers those extra costs you may not initially imagine: such as the removal of the caravan to a repairer and delivery back to site, costs for site clearance or disconnection and re-connection of services if necessary when the caravan is taken to repair.

First class service

Although having a comprehensive level of cover is paramount, we pride ourselves in our high level of service. You will not be put through to an automated service or hear hold music; our experienced advisors are on the other end of the phone ready to help you. If you like to keep things personal, we will not be offended if you ask to speak to a particular advisor when you call, that’s simply how we work. Our claims handlers are also based in the UK.