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Touring Caravan Insurance

Owning a touring caravan allows you the freedom to get away and make the most of the wonderful country side, seaside resorts and even city breaks the UK has to offer. Touring caravans give you the ability to get away at the drop of a hat, even if just for the weekend to recharge your batteries. Modern caravans today can offer that ‘home from home’ luxury experience, gone are the days of the typical cold, damp caravanning experience.

Due to the incredible improvements over the past 20 years in build quality and the luxuries available, caravans can carry a considerable cost, whether it is a new or used caravan ranging from £2,000 to as much as £25,000! However, as any caravan owner will tell you, the freedom a caravan can give you is priceless.

When you are investing such a large amount of money, you need to ensure you have a good, reliable insurance in place. This is where Insurance for Caravans can help you.

Flexible cover

We offer you an insurance policy that can be tailored to the level of cover that you require, with a full range of options to make sure you pay for what you need and no less:

•    Security Discounts: If you go the extra mile to keep your caravan secure, you will be rewarded with extra security discounts for alarms, datatags, theifbeaters, phantoms, trackers and Al-ko Wheel-locks.
•    Seasonal Pitching: Caravans are more at risk whilst being towed, so if you keep your caravan on a site all year round, expect to see a lower premium.
•    Awnings, camping equipment & contents: However you have your caravan, Insurance for Caravans can offer cover for the extras.
•    Adjustable Excess: If you don’t claim for the little things, a higher excess will reduce the cost of insurance.
•    New for Old cover: If your caravan is less than 7 years old, we can offer new for old cover or a market value policy if you would favour a lower premium.

Of course most caravan sites these days will require you to have some public liability cover in place before they will allow you to pitch your caravan, however this is built in to the policy as standard.

These days a large number of touring caravan owners are choosing to travel a little further than the British Isles, venturing to Mainland Europe for their holidays. That’s why we have created a policy that includes European cover, catering for up to 180 days cover in Europe.
Fortunately, if you do get stuck with a damaged caravan, our cover can pay for the reasonable cost of removal to the nearest repairers and delivery of the caravan to where it is stored afterwards.

First class service

Our experienced staff are on hand to offer you advice and information – we don’t work through call centres meaning you will not have to listen to hold music or wait in queues to speak to someone.

For a quotation for your touring caravan you can get an instant quotation online here or please call us during normal working hours on 0117 403 3000.

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