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Holiday Home Insurance in Ireland

Why is it popular to have a holiday home in Ireland?

The Republic of Ireland is becoming an attractive destination for those seeking to invest in a holiday home, with the country always being known for its beautiful countryside and wonders.

Ireland is a place of great heritage with many historic castles, buildings, and cities. If it’s not the sights that attract holiday homeowners though, it’s the culture, the friendly locals with their Irish wit, or traditional local pubs.

It’s because of this unique culture and iconic scenery that The Republic of Ireland is now attracting many visitors from across the globe, as well as those wishing to make such a desirable country their home.

Why choose Insurance for Holiday Homes?

For many, the desire to buy an Irish holiday home in The Republic of Ireland proves hard to resist. Can you blame them? Because there's something so attractive about having an Irish holiday home readily available for your own use whilst you explore the wonders of the land of forty shades of green.

However, to have that peace of mind that your property is protected, you need Ireland holiday home insurance, especially when the property will remain unoccupied for long periods of time.

Owners of an Irish holiday home can also use their property for short term Irish holiday lets and need to be safe in the knowledge that they have Public Liability Cover included within their policy. This will protect them should guests or tenants staying at the property have an unfortunate accident or injury and seek compensation from the holiday homeowner.

Fortunately, Insurance for Holiday Homes provide a solution. We are specialists when it comes to holiday home insurance policies, both inside and outside of the British Isles.

We've built our holiday home insurance policy from the ground up for over 20 years with only holiday homeowners in mind, and we have been improving it year on year since. Our team are proud to maintain a very high level of customer service and are always available on the other end of the phone to discuss your insurance requirements.

What does Irish Holiday Home Insurance cover?

As a holiday home insurance policyholder, you will benefit from a comprehensive level of cover, and there’s two types of policies that we offer: Building Insurance and Contents Insurance.

We can provide cover for any loss or damage to your Irish property and its contents if it's caused by:

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Explosion
  • Aircraft
  • Earthquake
  • Storm
  • Flood or escape of water
  • Frost damage
  • Falling trees
  • Located leaking water
  • Accidental breakage to fixed glass
  • Ceramic hobs and sanitary fixtures
  • Riot and malicious damage
  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Plus many more!

You're always welcome to contact a member of our specialist team to learn more about our buildings and contents cover and find out about how it could benefit you, as part of your holiday home insurance policy.

Features of an Irish Holiday Home Insurance policy?

Here’s a list of other types of holiday home cover that you could have included as standard within your policy: 

Accidental Damage cover

Available with the option to extend accidental damage cover to contents and buildings caused by guests staying at your holiday home.

Loss of rent cover

Cover for up to £35,000 on pre-booked rentals following a rental income loss covered under the buildings.

Alternative Accommodation cover

Following loss covered under both buildings and contents cover.

Emergency Travel cover

In the event of a serious claim, you can be covered for up to £2,000 in emergency travel costs if you need to get to the property quickly.

Accidents to Domestic Staff

Cover for bodily injury to domestic staff employed in connection with the insured premises.

Public Liability Insurance covering up to £5,000,000

Your holiday home insurance policy will include public liability insurance cover to protect you in case a holiday tenant has an accident or injury within your property.

Reasonable requirements of your holiday home in Ireland

Due to the increased risk of escape of water, theft, or unnoticed damage that comes with insuring Irish holiday homes, compared to a main residence, property insurance providers have been known to make unreasonable demands of their clients to validate their policy.

However, here at Insurance for Holiday Homes, we are transparent about our simple requirements, and we only have one:

The property must be checked internally once every 60 days

This is to prevent any damage from growing over a long period of time. Most holiday home insurance providers will require this, or ask that all claims must be reported within 60 days of the damage.

All in all, whatever your reason is for buying a property in Ireland, it needs to be insured with a company that not only understands your needs, but a company that can also provide comprehensive cover and top-quality customer service. That’s where Insurance for Holiday Homes can deliver, helping you find a holiday home policy that's perfect for your Irish second homes.