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Holiday Home Insurance in Spain

Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and has attracted many holiday homeowners to the Spanish way of life. The boom in cheaper air travel over the past decade has made Spanish holiday homes so much more accessible.

Coupled with the prospect of owning a holiday home in such a warm and welcoming climate, with friendly locals, Spain has become extremely attractive for those seeking a property for leisure or retirement, making it very common for holiday homeowners to start holiday lets in Spain.


Why is it popular to have a holiday home in Spain?

An influx of British buyers in the Spanish market in the 1990’s helped create a property boom, bringing prices of Spanish properties down.

Two main types of buyers were apparent in the Spanish home market. Firstly, there were those looking for their ideal retirement home in the sun, and then there were those interested in buying a property as a holiday home for their own use and/or to provide income, helping with income costs, in the form of a Spanish holiday home.

Whilst the majority of the holiday homes in Spain were on the coast, there has been a growing interest in properties away from the traditional Costa’s where buyers can get more value for their money.

If you want to take advantage of the desirability of your property and let your holiday home in Spain, Insurance For Holiday Homes can help, sourcing you the perfect Spanish holiday home insurance policy options.


Why choose Insurance for Holiday Homes?

Here at Insurance for Holiday Homes we understand that looking for holiday home insurance in Spain can be stressful. The language barrier, especially when it comes to complicated terminology, can be tough to navigate and it can be very difficult to find out what exactly you’re covered for, or to report a claim if the worst were to happen.

Fortunately, Insurance For Holiday homes can provide a solution. We are specialists in holiday home insurance abroad, although we operate entirely in the UK. You can call us and speak to our team of advisors in our UK office, whilst claims are reported to our UK claims department. Our policy is also underwritten at Lloyd’s Europe, one of the world's leading insurers.

We built our holiday home insurance policy from the ground up over 20 years ago with only holiday homeowners in mind, and we are proud to maintain a very high level of customer service. You can trust that our friendly team are always waiting on the other end of the phone ready to provide a personal and professional service.


What does Spanish Holiday Home Insurance cover?

As a policyholder you will benefit from a comprehensive level of cover, and there’s two types of insurance that we offer: Buildings Insurance and Contents Insurance.

We can provide cover for any loss or damage to your Spanish property and its contents if it's caused by:

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Explosion
  • Aircraft
  • Earthquake
  • Storm
  • Flood or escape of water
  • Frost damage
  • Falling trees
  • Located leaking water
  • Accidental breakage to fixed glass
  • Ceramic hobs and sanitary fixtures
  • Riot and malicious damage
  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Plus many more!

You're always welcome to contact a member of our specialist team to learn more about our buildings and contents cover and find out about how it could benefit you.


Features of a Spanish Holiday Home Insurance policy

Here’s a list of other types of holiday home cover that you could have included as standard within your policy: 

Accidental Damage cover

Available with the option to extend accidental damage cover to contents and buildings caused by guests staying at your holiday home.

Loss of rent cover

Cover for up to £35,000 on pre-booked rentals following a rental income loss covered under the buildings.

Alternative Accommodation cover

Following loss covered under the buildings.

Emergency Travel cover

In the event of a serious claim, you can be covered for up to £2,000 in emergency travel costs if you need to get to the property quickly.

Swimming Pools cover

Cover automatically included under buildings insurance along with legal liability to the public.

Accidents to Domestic Staff

Cover for bodily injury to domestic staff employed in connection with the insured premises.

Legal Liability to the public of £5,000,000

This is a crucial element of cover for any holiday homeowners, particularly when the home is being let for holiday use, due to the increasing trends towards litigation.

Public Liability Insurance

Your policy will include public liability insurance cover to protect you in case a holiday tenant has an accident or injury within your property.


Reasonable requirements of your holiday home in Spain

Due to the increased risk of escape of water, theft, or unnoticed damage that comes with insuring Spanish holiday homes, compared to a main residence, property insurance providers have been known to make unreasonable demands of their clients to validate their policy.

However, here at Insurance For Holiday Homes, we are transparent about our simple requirements:

The property must be checked internally once every 60 days

This is to prevent any damage from growing over a long period of time. Most insurers will require this, or ask that all claims must be reported within 60 days of the damage.

Minimum security requirements when contents are insured for more than £30,000

We ask that all external doors are fitted with five lever deadlocks or the European equivalent, which may include doors with multipoint locking systems and all windows are fitted with key operated locks, or shutters with internal catches.

Ultimately, whatever your reason for buying a property in Spain, it needs to be insured with a company that not only understands your needs, but a company that can also provide compressive cover and top-quality customer service. That’s where Insurance For Holiday Homes can deliver.